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Prius The future's taking shape

The future's taking shape

The unmistakable shape is a result of advanced wind tunnel testing, which has taken Prius into a bold new dimension. A more compact engine and a lower bonnet line combine to give Prius a highly distinctive silhouette. The body is built from high tensile steel to reduce weight, and up front Bi-LED headlamps with Auto-levelling and DRLs show the way ahead. At the rear, the uniquely shaped tail lamps further accentuate the distinct flowing lines of Prius. They all add up to create the unmistakable look and unique style of Prius.

Prius Brilliant surroundings

Brilliant surroundings

The interior of Prius has been designed by adhering to the themes of ingenious beauty and 'iconic human tech.' Clutter is eliminated and this, when combined with an intuitive layout, creates an advanced, spacious and welcoming environment. The technology inside Prius has been developed to make driving easier, smoother and more intuitive. With colour HUD, 7" touchscreen display and Toyota Link, the innovative thinking is built into every Prius.

Prius Clever thinking, smarter safety

Clever thinking, smarter safety

It's reassuring to know that when travelling in Prius, you're protected by some of the most advanced safety features and technology ever developed. If you're ever facing the possibility of a frontal collision, Prius is equipped with a range of safety features, including Pre-Collision Safety system (PCS), which uses radar technology to sense the danger then initiates a three phase defence. Plus there's the security that comes from being surrounded by 7 SRS Airbags.

Prius Full power, maximum efficiency

Full power, maximum efficiency

Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology is the world's leading hybrid technology that's proven to deliver remarkable fuel efficiency without compromising performance. The intelligent management system seamlessly synergises the car's petrol engine with its electric motor so they support each other or take over completely, depending on the driving situation. The electric motor in the Hybrid Synergy Drive® system generates enough power to drive Prius on its own. The petrol engine only kicks in when you call for more power, accelerate hard or cruise at high speed.


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