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LandCruiser 70 Transmission and suspension tricks

Transmission and suspension tricks

A 5-speed manual is fitted to all 70 series models with plenty of torque for towing or climbing. Smart thinking extends to a power steering system with a high capacity pump for easier manoeuverability. To help keep LandCruiser more manageable with less rock and roll, the front track is wider, and the front stabilizer bars are beefed up for greater rigidity.

LandCruiser 70 V8 that talks the torque

V8 that talks the torque

LandCruiser has more tow thanks to a quad cam, turbocharged and intercooled 4.5 litre Diesel V8 fitted as standard to every model in the range. A variable nozzle vane turbocharger ensures boost pressure continually adjusts in accordance with engine speed and other critical factors. So you have 151KW of power which is over 20% more than the previous class-leading LandCruiser 6-cylinder Turbo Diesel. As for torque, a huge 430Nm of grunt is available all the way from 1200-3200 rpm.

LandCruiser 70 MP3-compatible CD player gives you more

MP3-compatible CD player gives you more

All LandCruiser 70 models come standard with an MP3 compatible CD player with AM/FM radio, USB audio input for some iPod®/MP3 players as well as Bluetooth™ capabilities. This powerful unit pumps through two speakers in the Cab Chassis plus both 3 and 11 seater Trooper carrier, and 4 speakers in the Wagon and 5-seater Troop Carrier. This means those long days on the road can still be entertaining.

LandCruiser 70 Rugged good looks

Rugged good looks

Up front the gutsy design treatment tells you that this is the latest generation of the LandCruiser legend, with wider bodywork to accommodate the wider track. LandCruiser stands out from the pack with its protruding front fenders, a big front bumper that ties in just nicely with the grille design and headlamps. And that sporty bonnet scoop gives away the fact that there's an intercooler under the skin.

LandCruiser 70

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Toyota LandCruiser 70 Exterior accessories

<img src="Airbag Compatible Alloy Bull Bar

Airbag Compatible Alloy Bull Bar

<img src="Airbag Compatible Steel Bull Bar

Airbag Compatible Steel Bull Bar

<img src="Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set

Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set

<img src="Bonnet Protector and Headlamp Covers

Bonnet Protector and Headlamp Covers