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Camry Hybrid World Leading Hybrid Synergy Drive Technology

World Leading Hybrid Synergy Drive Technology

Camry Hybrids are powered by Toyota's world leading Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology. This is a full Hybrid System where the electric motor and the petrol engine can power the car individually or together. If you’re considering buying a hybrid, this is essential for optimum performance and not all manufacturers take it as seriously as Toyota.

Camry Hybrid Powerful Hybrid Technology

Powerful Hybrid Technology

The Hybrid Engine unit offers the best of all worlds. A 2.5 L petrol engine teamed with an advanced electric motor which delivers excellent performance and acceleration[B13]. Yet Hybrid models use less fuel and produce lower emissions[G1] to provide clean and economical motoring.

Camry Hybrid Hybrid Battery

Hybrid Battery

A key part of Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive® system is the advanced battery technology. The battery in Camry Hybrid is a high power output, nickel-metal-hydride (Ni-MH) battery. It is designed to require little maintenance and has an 8 year warranty[W1]. The warranty is comprised of the 3 year Toyota New Vehicle Warranty and an additional 5 year Toyota Australia Hybrid Battery warranty.

Camry Hybrid Hybrid engine

Hybrid engine

If you're looking for the best fuel economy possible, check out the Hybrids. Driven by a powerful 2.5L Hybrid Engine, they emit low emissions (121gm/km)[G1] and offer fuel efficiency with 5.2L/100km[G1]. And it gets better. ECO mode optimises fuel use at low speeds and EV Drive Mode increases battery power and uses less fuel at the press of a button.

Camry Hybrid

Camry Hybrid Accessories

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Toyota Camry Hybrid Exterior accessories

<img src=" Front Park Assist

Front Park Assist

<img src="18" Alloy Wheel

18" Alloy Wheel

<img src="Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set

Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set

<img src="Bicycle Carrier

Bicycle Carrier