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Your first car buying experience

Buying your first car can be an exciting, fun and sometimes scary experience. The right first car, can play a big part in setting yourself up for life! At Cessnock Toyota we are well aware of this, which is why we make an extra effort to ensure you're first car buying experience is a memorable one, for all of the right reasons.

We want your first car buying experience to be nothing but fun and enjoyable. Whilst on your test drive in the Hunter Valley vineyards, stop in at the Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop and you will receive a free coffee and gelato to enjoy whilst you're deciding if our car is the right one for you.

Our sales team offer a no pressure approach because we remember that we were all first car buyers at some stage and we know exactly what you're going through. This is why Cessnock Toyota, are the first car buyer specialists.

First Car Buying Tips

Know your Budget. It is essential that before you begin car your car shopping, you know what you can afford. You may find a car that you absolutely love but if you cannot afford the repayments, you may be setting yourself up for a financial struggle. Know what your limit is and stick to it. This will ensure you continue to love your first car as well as afford it's ongoing costs like fuel and maintenance.

Be open minded to buying a New or Pre-Owned car. If you're on a smaller budget, a pre-owned car may be your best option. At Cessnock Toyota we always have a large range to choose from. Ideally you need to find one with low kilometres and good service history. Ask our team about our ‘Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles' that all come with full service history. If you have the budget, a brand new Toyota can be one of the best investment's you will ever make. But you just need to remember that with any new vehicle purchase, there are additional costs on top of the vehicle price which can include things like vehicle registration, CTP insurance, stamp duty and delivery charges.

Have a shopping partner. This can always help ease any nerves your experiencing when visiting a dealership. It is important that whoever you choose to take with you knows your budget and preferences. Remember it will be your car, not their's. Someone who has purchased a few cars is always a good idea. Someone older and wiser is much more likely to help you NOT make a poor decision.

Study up. So much knowledge is now available at your fingertips thanks to the internet. If you know what car you're looking for, make sure you scour the internet for customer reviews to help ensure your first car is going to be everything you're hoping for. All of your concerns may have already been experienced by other customers and there is a good chance they would have written about it in a customer review on the internet.

Have a check-list. Before you begin your journey, make a list of essential features for your first car to help you decide and more importantly help you rule out that potential disaster. Make sure you keep it realistic. Features like Leather and a Sun Roof can always wait until you have a larger budget. For now, things like the price, odometer reading, brand preferences and service history are the important ones to beware of.

Don't leave any question unasked. Dealership sales staff want you to know as much about the car as possible so never be scared to ask questions, even if you're already 99% sure of the answer. Be 100% sure that this is or isn't the car for you. This is where your check-list can come in handy.

Remember the running costs. After you have made most likely the biggest purchase of your life so far, it is essential that you are aware of the ongoing costs of owning a car. First you have fuel costs, then there is insurance, registration and servicing. Find out how much the registration and insurance for your car will cost. Also find out how often your car needs to be serviced and what the average service price will be. This will help you calculate how much you need to continually save in order to cover these costs, as well as any repayments you need to make if taking out a loan.

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